July 18, 2024
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Who We Are
Founded by timpanist, educator, and programmer, Tony Edwards, Artistry of Music helps musicians and music programs create a professional web presence and manage the administrative tasks that come along with this profession.  

Artistry of Music grew from humble beginnings—basic websites and a few studio organizational tools.  

Then we realized that musicians might like to sell tickets to their gigs, showcase and sell their products, track their students, or post video examples of excerpts. Once the word got out, Artistry of Music took off!  

We know that you just want to perform or teach your budding musicians how to grow in their art form.  

We know you don’t want to deal with scheduling headaches, chase down past-due payments, make photocopies of your handouts for all of your students, or struggle with multiple software packages that don’t communicate with each other.  

We’re so happy that you found us. Give Artistry of Music a free, 7-day trial and learn how to simplify your studio and simplify your life.
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