December 7, 2019
Video Gallery

Jordan Walsh
Jordan Walsh performs movement IV from Philippe Manoury's "Le Livre des Claviers" November of 2017.
Diana Loomer DMA recital
Buyan by John Psathas - Diana Loomer (World Premiere)
Kellen King DMA recital
Variations on Lost Love Part II by David Maslanka. Performed in Bates Recital Hall.
Justin Ochoa's Junior Recital
1. Crystalline - Reflections on the Nature of Water. Performed on April 12, 2018 at Bates Recital Hall
Kazuomi Motoike Senior Recital
Bye Bye Medley - Bob Becker. Performed May 1st 2018 in Bates Recital Hall.
Left/Right Ensemble
John Cage's "Third Construction" This performance was given as a part of Jordan Walsh's Master's Recital. Bates Recital Hall April 13, 2018.