December 7, 2019
DMA Cy Miessler wins 2nd at the IPI Marimba Competition
October 04 2019
Congratulations to Doctoral student Cy Miessler for placing second in the International Percussion Institute's Marimba Competition! Cy performed Joseph Schwantner's "Velocities" and his own composition titled "Meat". Congrats Cy!
Junior Dana Dominguez Wins Position at Texas Music Festival
March 24 2019
Congratulations to performance major Dana Dominguez for winning a position at the Texas Music Festival in Houston! Dana will be spending the month of June playing in the section of the TMF Orchestra.
DMA Jordan Walsh Wins Fellowship with the Atlantic Music Festival
March 24 2019
Congratulations to doctoral student Jordan Walsh on winning a fellowship with the Atlantic Music Festival! He will be performing with the Pierrot Ensemble in residence with the composition department at the festival.
Sophomore John Dawson gets Accepted to the Colorado College Summer Music Festival
March 23 2019
Massive congratulations to performance major John Dawson for his acceptance to the Colorado College Summer Music Festival! John will be spending the month of June performing in a variety of orchestras and chamber groups. Best of luck John!
Doctoral Student Oni Lara Makes Finals in Army Band Auditions
March 23 2019
Doctoral candidate Oni Lara recently performed extraordinarily well in two military band auditions. He was a finalist in the recent Navy Band audition, and was runner up for the position with the Army Band. Congratulations Oni!
Sophomore Daniel Gostein Accepted to the Round Top Music Festival
March 13 2019
Congratulations to UT undergraduate Daniel Gostein for his acceptance into the Round Top Music Festival! This extremely competitive festival takes place over six weeks in June and July, and the students play a variety of orchestral and chamber music. We wish our best to Daniel during his time at...
Daniel Gostein (Sophomore) receives Honorable Mention in BSoM concerto competition
December 14 2018
Daniel Gostein, current sophomore, received honorable mention in the Butler School of Music concerto competition. He performed Eric Sammut's Sugaria! Congratulations, Daniel, on representing the UT percussion studio well!

Opposing Directions (UT student percussion ensemble) places third at PASIC Chamber Percussion Ensemble competition
December 14 2018
Opposing Directions, a chamber percussion ensemble comprised of UT percussion studio members John Dawson, Daniel Gostein, Cameron Marquez, and Charlie Stephens, placed third at the PASIC 2018 Chamber Percussion Ensemble Competition. They performed Jacob Rogers' An Absolute Insufficiency of...
Kazuomi Motoike (Senior) places 3rd at Great Plains International Marimba Competition
September 20 2018
Congratulations to Kazuomi Motoike recently placed third at the 2018 Great Plains International Marimba Competition in Oklahoma City! He prepared several selections from a prescribed list for the preliminary recorded round and then was invited for the live rounds at the Wanda L. Bass School...
Cory Fica (UT alumnus) Places 2nd in IPI Marimba Competition
September 19 2018
Former masters student Cory Fica recently placed second at the International Percussion Institute Marimba Competition in Aberdeen, Scotland! Fica was one of four finalists invited to perform at King's College Chapel in Aberdeen after advancing through preliminary and semifinal...
Congratulations to BM Graduate: Emily Bingham
August 07 2018

After graduating, Emily will spend the summer teaching Front Ensemble at Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps. In the Fall, she will be the new Percussion Director at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Congratulations, Emily! 
DMA Otoniel Lara update: Festivals and Competitions
August 07 2018
Otoniel Lara has had a great deal of success recently. He won a spot at the Britt Festival Orchestra, first place in the International Percussion Institute Marimba Competition, and third place in the Great Plains Marimba Competition. Congratulations, Oni!
UT Alumnus Wins University Job
August 02 2018
After completing his Master's Degree in Percussion Performance at the Butler School, Dr. Timothy Feerst then went on to the University of North Texas to complete his Doctor of Musical Arts in Percussion Performance. This year, Dr. Feerst was accepted as an adjunct on the faculty at the University...
Congratulations to MM Graduate: Jordan Walsh
July 05 2018
Jordan will be touring the nation this summer with the Up/Down Percussion Quartet. He will also be attending the Sō Percussion Summer Institute. 
Congratulations to DMA Graduate: Kellen King
July 05 2018
Next year, Kellen will be teaching private percussion lessons and marching band in the Leander area. While at UT, he presented a lecture titled, "A Performance Guide to One
Study One Summary
by John Psathas and its Influence on Electroacoustic
Congratulations to DMA Graduate: Diana Loomer
July 05 2018
Next year, Diana will be the director of the Steely Pan Steel Band at Appalachian State University, and an adjunct Professor of Percussion at Western Carolina University in NC. While at UT, she presented a lecture on the topic, "Melodic Timpani: Techniques and Applications".
Bernstein Mass Marching Band
July 05 2018
Five members of the UT Percussion studio were part of the marching band in Bernstein's Mass. The students performed alongside hundreds of performers, including the Austin Symphony Orchestra and members of Conspirare.
From Left-Right: Nathan Zamora, Diana Loomer, Morgan Tao, Oni Lara,...
Congratulations to BM Graduate: Morgan Tao
May 10 2018
Morgan will be attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville as a graduate teaching assistant in Fall 2018.
Congratulations to MM Graduate: Ollie DeLotto
May 10 2018
This summer he will be teaching Colts for his third summer in a row and working at the Music For All Summer Symposium at Ball State University for his fourth consecutive summer. He will be moving to the DFW area shortly after graduation to pursue work as a percussion director and freelance...
Justin Ochoa (Junior) will be attending the Texas Music Festival this summer!
May 09 2018
Cameron Marquez (Freshman) will be playing vibraphone with the 2018 Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps
May 09 2018
Daniel Gostein (Freshman) will be playing vibraphone with the 2018 Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps
May 09 2018
John Dawson (Freshman) will be the timpanist for the 2018 Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps
May 09 2018
Kazuomi Motoike (Senior) has advanced to the semi-finals round of the Great Plains International Marimba Competition
May 09 2018
Oni Lara (DMA) has advanced to the semi-finals round of the Great Plains International Marimba Competition!
May 09 2018
Nicole Robbins (MM) will be performing with the Classical Music Institute and attending SōSI this summer!
May 09 2018
Congratulations to the Left/Right Percussion Quartet
January 09 2018
The Left/Right Percussion Quartet won second place in the 2017 PASIC Concert Chamber Percussion Ensemble Competition, and also advanced to the semi-finals round of the Coltman Chamber Music Competition. Very proud to have them as part of the UT Percussion studio
UT students and Round Top
March 01 2017
Congrats to our students Dana Dominguez and Justin Ochoa for winning spots in the 2017 Round Top Summer Music Festival. 
Kazuomi Motoike advances in PAS 2016 Marimba Solo Competition
August 06 2016
Congratulations to Kazuomi Motoike for advancing to finals in the PAS 2016 Marimba Solo Competition.  Kazuomi is one of only four to be chosen to compete in the final round.  In the preliminary round, all applicants were required to submit recordings of Jacob Druckman's "Reflections on the Nature...
UT Percussion Ensemble wins 2016 PASIC
July 01 2016
The University of Texas Percussion Ensemble has won the 2016 PASIC international Percussion Ensemble competition. They will be performing at the convention November 9-12 in Indianapolis Indiana