July 13, 2020
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Welcome to the TTU Flute Studio.
The Texas Tech University School of Music Flute Studio is comprised of 16-20 undergraduate and graduate Music Education and Music Performance Majors from across Texas, the United States, and abroad. Flute students have been winners in various competitions including those of the National Flute Association, Texas Flute Society, Houston Flute Club, MTNA and many others. Graduates of our program hold positions in public and private schools, orchestras, and universities around the country. The Flute Studio at Texas Tech provides a hardworking environment coupled with a supportive atmosphere. The philosophies of both private and peer learning are important aspects of our approach to nurturing the development of creative and mature musicians and music educators. 




"Music adds color and dimension to emotions which otherwise can’t be expressed." - TTU Flute Student

"Music serves our community as well as ourselves." - TTU Flute Student

"Music is a way to honor tradition, and to break it." - TTU Flute Student

"Music connects souls." - TTU Flute Student

"Music is a way to touch other cultures. Music heals and restores the whole person – body, mind, and spirit." - TTU Flute Student