December 7, 2019
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Thanks for signing up with AOM. We want to get you set up with a site as fast as possible. We'll do this is 4 easy steps and introduce you to how the site works. Step 1 we'll need some information to get started. Fill out the form below and click Create Account.
Each account will require an email. This email will be used as the main contact source with artistryofmusic as well as a login. The email address can always be changed later.
We've discovered you already have an account with us. We've gone ahead and filled in your contact information.
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This field is a name that best describes your studio. An example would be:
Tony Zapo's Studio
Account names can always be changed later. There is a 50 character limit on the name.
All accounts require a unique name as a URL. It will be placed at the end of the name. Example:
Try to make the name short, simple, and descriptive. If you were to tell someone "Go to my site. It's". What would you say?

If someone has already used it - sorry you'll need to come up with another one. We'll let you know if that's the case. Also there are certain characters you can't use.

These include 'spaces, &, %, =, or ?'

Once the url name has been assigned it cannot be changed. It will be the main indentifier of your site and will remain that way as long as the site is up. Make sure you're happy with the url name before creating the account.
This is optional. The description will be used to describe the details of your site and studio. It will be included in the list of studios found on the artistryofmusic site. You can always go back and edit this later.
Single Instrument

This is designed to be mostly used for private studios but can also be used for organizations such schools. Each package comes with all the modules for creating your site. There are three payment packages:

  • Economny Package - No students $8.00 per month
  • Personal Package - Up to 10 students $10.00 per month (Great for smaller private studios)
  • Plus Package - Up to 50 students $20.00 per month (Perfect for growing private studios)
  • Premier Package - Unlimited students $15.00 per month (Ideal for larger private studios)
With this account you'll need to select your instrument.

Multiple Accounts

This is designed to be mostly used for schools and universities. With this package you can set up multiple accounts or instruments. So for example: percussion studio, oboe studio, flute studio, etc...
Price for multiple account package is $500.00 a month. Also if your oranization is tax exempt make sure and include your tax ID#. You'll see this be checking the box I'm tax exempt. To set this up you'll need to craete an account then contact AOM to set up mulitple account..

I'm tax exempt
This is the physical address of the studio where we can contact you.
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This is another unique field that once created cannot be changed. The username will be used to login to key sections of your site. After creating your account it is recommended to keep this in a safe place as well as your password.
This will also be used to login to key sections of your site so please use good password practices. You'll want to protect your account! But unlike your username passwords can always be changed at a later date.

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