July 18, 2024
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From an optimized website, to scheduling, to billing, to an online curriculum, Artistry of Music has you covered so you can focus on teaching music.


Our beautiful and professionally designed websites are mobile-friendly and combine the best first impression to new students with user-friendly features.

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Are You a Private Lesson Teacher?

Don't waste precious time building a complicated website, changing your calendar when students cancel, or calling parents to get paid for past lessons. Artistry of Music makes it easy to simplify and automate the administrative tasks of your studio.

Are You a Music Festival?

As the organizer of a music festival, your organization depends on you to attract the best musicians and audiences each year, as well as organize auditions, registration, housing, and ticket sales. Artistry of Music streamlines your job so that you can focus on the artistic vision of your festival.

Are You a School Music Program?

As a school band/choir/orchestra director, you already have to do so many things not related to teaching music. Artistry of Music simplifies those administrative tasks like event calendars, parent communication, and student fees so you can focus on what matters most: growing tomorrow's musicians.

Are You a University School of Music?

As a university school of music leader, your students and faculty depend on you to create an environment in which they can focus on teaching. Artistry of Music streamlines your website, events calendar, room scheduling, and video-based pre-screening for applicants.

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