January 20, 2018
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About Artistry of Music
A company started by a musician for the needs of musicians. Everything you need to create your own website is right here. A layout editor allows you to create an attractive profession design with mobile capabilites and a text editor allows you to create as many pages as you need. But what AOM offers that others companies don't is easy to install programs which help suite the needs of musicians. No need to install programs or pay extra from other sources. Everything you need such calendars, shopping carts and email marketing are included.

Just sign up for an account and get a 14 day free trial offer. If you like it just sign up for one of our affordable packages.

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For the Educator
The needs of the musician as teacher are many. Each site comes with:
  1. Invoicing students for lessons.
  2. Students can pay online with a credit card.
  3. Organize your resources such as etudes, videos, and instructions on private pages which only the student can access.
  4. Students have their own private account.
  5. Easy to schedule lessons where students can schedule themselves.
  6. Private calendars which only the studio can view.
  7. Easy to track student progress and attendance.
  8. Create online curriculums.
  9. Your own online store. Can sell music, etudes and curriculums.

For the School and Festivals
Institutions such as schools and camps can benefit:
  1. Create and organize classes
  2. Register students for camps and festivals.
  3. Inventory programs help track music and instruments.
  4. Students have their own private account.
  5. Practice room sign up allows students to check out practice rooms.
  6. Private calendars.
  7. Create online curriculums.

For the Performer
The musician as the performer whether soloist, chamber group or band can find tons of benifits
  1. Sell tickets to performances
  2. Have your own email subscriber list.
  3. Fans can sink to your calendar.